My Daughers Look So Different ;)

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I am an only child so physical sibling resemblances are very interesting to me. Any advice on how to ensure they are each enstilled with confidence about their distinctive differences? Especially as societal trends emphasize which physical features are beautiful? No insults please-Just helpful advice ;)


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Ev - posted on 12/26/2013




It is also important not only to teach them that personality is important but that the most important is the beauty within them both. Teach them to treat others how they would want to be treated no matter how physically beautiful or not other people are. Teach them compassion, honor, trust, caring, kindness, to be loving, truthful, and all those good qualities people would love to see in others. I am not saying they will embody all those qualities but they will have some of them. None of us are perfect and when people start to tell others via media, socially, and in other ways that certain looks, body style, and so on; it diminishes what they really need to know. Besides all those good looks will disappear over time and fade away while the inner beauty will go on forever and that is what they will be remembered for.

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don't compare them. Praise each on their own. Try to not raise them only on physical beauty but teach them personality is important too. They will have their own features that will make them gorgeous but if you only go by societies ideas then they won't feel confident about themselves you know?
Like don't tell them you are pretty because of this feature because that will set them up to compare themselves all the time to media. Just tell them they are gorgeous and talented in whatever they are talented in.

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