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Lisa - posted on 10/04/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello everyone,
My daughter is in class 3th. Last week, she met with a small accident. It was not an accident exactly. She fell from her school. Some renovations were going on in their school, and they had kept some work items like paint near the classrooms, in an open area, and my daughter slipped on it and fell from the stairs. She had a major spinal injury, and had to undergo a big surgery. She is on the recovery mode now. I’m so angry with the school authorities for being so careless. We are a middle class family, and do not have much income or savings. My friend said that you could get compensation for slip and fall,, and I am not saying that I want money for my daughter’s medical expenses, we could somehow manage that, but I really want to sue them , for being so careless, and for not taking care of the kids properly. I really pray that this happens with no other kid, and no kid has to bear so much pain that my little daughter has endured. I hope this decision of mine is right, and the school authorities learn a lesson.


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Michelle - posted on 10/04/2016




I agree with Jodi. Suing them probably isn't the best way to go unless you want her medical costs covered. You do have every right to claim for those.
I would be more inclined to report the incident so there are better policies in place to ensure it doesn't happen to someone else.

Jodi - posted on 10/04/2016




Surely there are some occupational health and safety laws where you live. If you aren't after the money and just want to punish them for being careless, then that is probably the better way to report the issue - through the law. If negligence is found, there will be fines and possibly even criminal charges.

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