My daughter (12)told me she saw white stuff dripping down her leg what could it be???

Layla - posted on 07/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




i dont exactly know why but i am not really on board with puberty affecting my 12 year old daughter. I never seen to help her when she was in5th grade (7th now) she asked me for a bra but she didnt say i want a bra she lied and said she needs it for gym. Now she saw white stuff dripping down her leg and asked me if their is anything u can do/ use to make it like more clean or to stop it to absorb it. When i heard to absorb i was like hold up no their is nothing u can use bye i have work to do. Plz comment on your thoughts and what the white stuff was i thing it was disharge


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Denikka - posted on 07/25/2012




You CAN use panty liners for discharge.
I agree with Shawnn. Grow up and get over your sqeamishness. You need to talk to your daughter about what she's going through and let her know what to expect. Or at the very least, take her to someone who will. Get her books that explain puberty. But she really needs someone to answer the extra questions she may have.
And I also agree that you should probably take her to a doctor for a checkup if her discharge is so excessive.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/25/2012




I think you need to get more comfortable with your body, so that you can explain things properly to your daughter!

It probably is discharge, but if it's running down her leg, that seems excessive, something I'd have checked.

You need to quit shirking the questions, and figure out how to address physical, bodily, and hormone issues with your daughter. What if something is seriously wrong with her? How are you going to know if you duck out the door every time she comes to you with a question?

When's the last time you had her in for a checkup? At least get her to a competent physician who will not have the squeamies when trying to explain the changes that she's going through. You know how tough that age is, with all of the changes your body goes through.

Quit being squeamish, and help your daughter out. My first suggestion is a trip to the doctor for a full physical and check up.

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