my daughter 14 and stays out late has a boy frind as well


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Ariana - posted on 11/25/2012




Are they connected? Like she's staying out late to see the boyfriend?

Either way I would show up where she is after curfew, or go to her boyfriends house and loudly knock on the door and ask for her. I would go to any of her friends houses and ask them/their parents if she's there and tell them if she's there after _____ time to call you because she's not supposed to be out, unless you've called to confirm it. That would probably really embarrass her and she wouldn't have a place to hang out because all the parents would be like, are you supposed to be here??

Plus a consequence would be in order. You need a curfew and a consequence for if curfew doesn't happen. Don't have the exact same consequence all the time either. If your consequence is always take the phone away, or grounded for a week, kids can sometimes judge whether they're willing to live with the consequence. So they might be like, well a night out all night is worth my phone getting taken away, but if you mix it up (just a bit, not super varying) they won't know for sure if they want to deal with the consequence of being late...

So you might take her phone away, or interenet, not allow her to go out for the weekend. Especially things that are connected with going with friends and things.

Michelle - posted on 11/25/2012




What have you been doing so far? Does she sneak out when you are asleep or just walk out and you can't stop her?

We need a bit more information.

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