My daughter 2 years old and she has continues cold, not feaver nothing else. Any suggestions.


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My allergies were undiagnosed until i was 16. They are environmental, I'm allergic to dust, pollen, scented products, pretty much anything that is airborne. They don't cause rashes or hives on me, just cold like symptoms.

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We thought our girls had recurring/constant colds as toddlers until we brought them into the doctor and was told they had allergies. It took us a year and a half of off and on (sometimes the allergy meds worked, sometimes they didn't) cough and snot until we discovered what they were allergic to and were able to eliminate it.

Michelle - posted on 03/03/2012




does she really have a cold or does she have allergies, my little one has hayfever so whenever there is snow mold dust or pollen floating around her little nose runs. So we give a bit of benedryl and it clears up only takes about a week maybe two before her body gets used to the new season and then we don't have to use it anymore.

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