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Jenna - posted on 02/22/2015




I am a stepmom myself and I can tell you from that perspective, it is not unusual. I get along with my stepson, but he's not MY son and I am not HIS mom. She might think he's trying to replace her biological dad and he might feel uncomfortable and not know exactly what his role should be with a child that is not his own, especially of the opposite gender. It is a delicate situation to navigate, but you can't expect her and your new husband to love each other right away. But honestly, this sounds like a question you need to ask your daughter. Try to do it without judgment and without being defensive. You obviously love your husband or you wouldn't have married him, but you don't get to decide how SHE feels about him. Let her tell you what's going on and be open-minded about it. Do the same with your husband and open the conversation letting him know that you won't be offended by what he says. If everyone can be honest and open without getting mad or offended, then you can usually figure out a way to help them get along. Just remember, they don't have to love each other. You can't force people to do that. But you can help them come to an understanding. Unless there is some kind of abuse going on, which needs to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY no matter what. Your daughter's safety is more important than your feelings if that is the case. If there is no abuse, only disagreements or disrespect, then you can be the peacekeeper while they work it out.

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