My daughter always insist her wants and cries if she is not followed. how can i avoid her doing so especially if she her wants are not good? thanks


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Ev - posted on 10/18/2013




Your kids are acting the way they need to for their ages but you also must start to teach them that all that whining and crying to get what they want when they want is not going to work. Be firm when you tell them no. When they point and do not tell you at least the word for the item, then they do not get it. Explain in simple terms that things they want are treats and can be gotten sometimes. Do not mix this up with needs. But if they are hungry and begging for a cookie, give them fruit instead. Things like need to teach them things because they do not know what is what yet. At three though there should have been some foundation already set. She is more than old enough to understand that she can not have everything she wants and sees.

Queen Of My - posted on 10/18/2013




Oh man! Lol! I have no advice just wanted to say my 18 month old son is the same - like all day everyday! It is so frustrating! Time outs haven't worked, speaking calmly hasn't worked, distraction tactics haven't worked and he doesn't understand taking away privileges yet. I try more sleep, more stimulation, more fresh air - but no luck!
It is unreal! Just thought you should know you aren't alone - and would also appreciate any adivce!

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