my daughter and commen law husbend

Angela - posted on 12/20/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




They both are always fighting i cant seem to get them to get along it hurt we have been together for 10 years my daughter was 4 when she first seen him abuse me . Now he does a lot of yelling screaming and cursing. he is very upset with me and he has control of everything I do. if I have a cell phone I have to share it with him so he can go through my calls my facebook and my incoming call. I left him before but I always come back . we have two children together 3 year old and an 8 year old . but the person that gets the most disrespect is me and my oldest child he gets mad at her when he's mad at me . everything she does he have a problem with it. but he says he loves her like a daughter . what should I do when it comes to want to leave him how should I do it.


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Michelle - posted on 12/20/2013




He is abusive and you need to get out!!!! You have said that he has abused you if front of your children, THAT'S NOT ON!!!!!!
You need to see if any of your friends or family can help you or get some help through your doctor. They will have contacts for helping abused women.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/20/2013




So, a bit confusing here. Is your eldest daughter your 8 yo? Or do you have older kids prior to this 10 year relationship?

Because either way, you need to get your butt out of that relationship. A man that beats you and has no respect for you, or your relationship with your kids, or for that matter, your kids themselves...well, he's nothing but a chickenshit jackass who feels better about his lot in life because he can beat a woman up.

Do you REALLY want any of your kids thinking that's the way to treat people, or to be treated?

Sorry, sweetie, he thinks you're there forever. Pack up and get out. Don't tell him you're going, just serve him with custody and support orders for the kids. Not sure of laws in your area, but you've been in the relationship for 10 years, you may actually need to file for divorce. Regardless, DO NOT expose your children to witnessing that type of abuse any longer. Get out.

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