My daughter attempted suicide

Rita - posted on 02/19/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have two twins ages 13 and one daughter who is 14. My 13 year old daughter has experienced some bullying and abuse at school in 7th grade. These "popular" girls have beaten her up, cyberbullied her, urged her to go overdose herself and die and that if they were her twin brother, they'd kill her and how disgraceful it is for my son to have a twin sister like her. I did all I could, I have spoken to the administrators at her middle school MANY times, but the bullying didn't stop. I ended up closing down her Instagram and Facebook account - I have allowed her these accounts with strict monitoring but I have closed them down after some hateful messages, and then showed them to the administrators/principal at school. One of these teens - a girl who's a year older than her- used to go to gymnastics with her and had been friends with her had exposed her cellphone number to the other children(my children have cellphones since they started middle school since their school is far away from home and they walk home alone) and I read some of the threatening messages. She asked me herself if she could have a phone with just emergency numbers and home phone numbers.
My 14 YO daughter had came home from school and found my daughter with pills all over the kitchen and have called me saying she overdosed and called the ambulance too. The investigator had asked us many questions - and when they searched her room, they had found a note saying that it had something to do with a computer game, also. I suddenly remembered that she was upset months ago because someone on a kids game called MovieStarPlanet because someone kept stealing "items" on them, which is also known as players trying to steal the items that other players already have. She stopped playing it a long time ago, but the investigator have said that she may have accessed the website at a school computer. They searched her locker, and the computer she us at school. There was nothing unusual found in her locker and her school books, but they have checked the history of her school computer and has founded that the person who has upsetted her had contacted her on her secret Facebook account. The person has claimed to be an 8th grader from Canada and has said that she will not stop stealing from that game. My daughter's messages read that people work hard for the pixels and some have even paid real money for a membership but that user did not care. She's been in therapy for a year now, and the doctors say she will be fine but she will be in the hospital for a while. They are also certain that they will try to get more information about that person from the game and will have appropriate consequences, depending on their age. Meanwhile, the girls at her school may be charged with a criminal record and will be suspended from school. Before her attempt, she told that user that she will commit suicide and then their respond was that they still didn't care and that they hoped she will die because the world will be a better place without her. Any ideas?


Juliette - posted on 02/19/2016




This sounds awful. I'm so sorry this happened to your family. Sometimes I feel helpless to help my child in his struggles at school. I don't think the school officials and teachers have any idea how to handle some situations.

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