my daughter cries alot even when she not hungry any advice


Jessica - posted on 11/13/2013




how old is she? Is she breastfed or bottle fed? She may have reflux or colic. She may be constipated or gassy. She may just want to be cuddled. She may be cold or too hot...she may want a nappy change. She could also be overstimulated.

My advice after you tried feeding her:
change her nappy then...
make sure she's wearing appropriate clothing (not too warm/cold/tight) then...
cuddle her and walk her around and talk or sing or hum to her in a quiet and dark room

if she doesn't calm after that, she's either in pain or she's overtired

If it has been 2.5 hours or more since her last nap...then she needs to go to bed
If you don't think she should be tired, she might be colicy. Lay her on the flood and move her legs in a bicycle motion. This can help with gas.
You can also try gripe water - it's available at most pharmacies and grocery stores (in the baby aisle).

Good luck!

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