My daughter cries every morning when she has to go to school..

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So My 6yr old cries every morning when her father or I take her to school.. She is in kindergarten and in the begining of the year she couldnt be more Excited to go.. Now she cries and im worried that something is going on and shes scared to tell me.. ive talked to her Teacher, the princiable, they tell me its just that shes missing us late in the year.. but i dont think its just that.. Any one have any advise?


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my daughter is 3 years old she will start school next year .everyday she cries before entering to the nursery and i'm worried if she will keep doing the same when she goes to school

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Louise - I was one of those mothers that had a child that screamed and cried every single day on the way to school. This went on month after month. It does become distressing for the parent. However I stuck to my guns and was firm with him. It MADE NO DIFFERENCE!
There was the occasional time when I would drop him off stand around (out of sight) and have a cry. It was heartbreaking to do this every day, and 6mths in NO improvement.
however it seemed like he was fine as soon as he was in the classroom (well for the most part anyway!) so we kept going.
We did this for a year. He was a different child during school holidays, much happier and more content.
At the beginning of the new school year we were going to be moving, so decided to keep him at home rather than put him in and then remove him a few weeks later. Then began our journey of home-educating! For him this was just what he needed. It seemed emotionally he just wasn't ready for school, and just put too much pressure on him.
3yrs on, he now attends school 3 days per week and we home-ed 2 days a week. This is perfect for him. He is happy to go, well adjusted and has made friends.
From experience I would say don't push it.....if your child needs more time - then so be it. That's ok. We all develop at different rates.

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If you rule out that she is not being bullied after investigating then you will have to review how you react when your daughter starts to cry. Many children enjoy the added attention that crying brings them. I have seen this many times in pre school. The child screams the place down, cling to there mothers neck and once mum has gone (normally teary eyed) the child just switches back to normal. Not a single tear. The next day the same routine. One distressed mother! My advice to them was to say right thats enough now and be quite firm, give them a kiss and leave. The child then learns that crying is not getting any attention and stops. Please look at the whole situation first but keep an eye on your body language as well if you are getting distressed your child will pick up on this. Look at the entire picture.

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sit in for an observation in her class ... by books that target different social emotional experiences ... for example what to do when timmy bullies, or is sad , or is angry, or is scared... and read together and discuss the characters in the book and what they did that helped them change the situation they were in..

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