my daughter crys all day long

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I have a daughter that was born at 30 weeks and was in nicu for about 1 and 1/2 months. When she was 2 months old she developed an umbilical hernia, up untill then she was a good baby, slept fine ate fine and pooped fine. After the hernia pooped out she started to cry....all the time...I have brought her to the doctors a million times..she has had xrays seen specialists and they cant find anything wrong with her and they all say the same thing ...its not the hernia...but that was when the crying started...She is now 5 months old and crys relentlessly about 15 hours a day....I have changed her formula from lactose free to soy...from powder to liquid ...she was been prescribed zantac for acid reflux... I have given her biogaia , acidophilus, enficol for gas, I feed her sitting up, brought her to a chiropractor... I have pretty much done everything and anything I have read that worked for other parents and nothing works...she crys all day long and only sleeps cause she has worn herself out from crying...please help....I know the doctors say it isnt the hernia but it has to be.........My daughter is 5 mths old she has never smiled and it is breaking my heart


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It sounds like reflux as my son was exactly the same and cried throughout the day, was really unsettled and had real problems sleeping. He would never fall asleep without screaming and crying first and was an unhappy baby. I knew it wasn't normal. We went to the doctors numerous times and was told it was colic, until one night he was crying that much we took him to a&e as it simply wasn't right for a baby to cry that much and you could see he was in pain. They diagnosed him with acid reflux and prescribed donperidone, ranitadine and infant Gaviscon in his bottles. We were then given an appoitment to see the hospitals pediatrician. It took about a week for the meds to kick in but we saw an improvement. The dosage of the meds are weight driven and as he put on weight the dosage was upped. We also found he was lactose intolerant and he's now on neocate formula. He now alot more settled and his slee sleep has improved day and night. He also smiles and plays too.

You know yourself if things don't seem right and of your baby is crying for hours and you can't settle her or she seems in pain I would take her to a&e as they would check her.

If it is reflux then once she's on the right meds it does get better x

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