My daughter doesn't want to eat on her own

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My 2 years and 8 months daughter doesn't want to eat on her own.Even if I want to feed her she doesn't eat.She used to be a good eater, eating on her own till the age of two,but now I should follow her room by room or force her to seat ,then I can feed her a little. Her pediatrician told me to leave food on the table,she can eat or I should take the plate after half an hour. I tried it but she ate only a little bit and played with the rest.After two days she got seek and I gave up. Even I tried different kind of foods, with her favorite cartoon decoration,but this one also didn't work. She lost 1 KG in a couple of months.Now could you tell me if any of you has any idea how can i get rid of this challenging eating time. She has lack of Ferro and vitamin D in her blood test also.


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A child w/ no other issues will not starve themselves. If she DID starve herself (by losing weight) when you left it up to her.... it sounds like it's time to seek a second opinion.

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Does she snack? Does she eat at daycare? It is normal around this age for her growth and appetite to slow down. It is typical for a parent to feel their child is not eating enough. I'm not sure if you daughter falls into the normal category or if there is really something wrong. If you are concerned, you should probably look into it.

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Wow, that doesn't sound fun at all. I'm glad you're working with the pediatrician. Does she do better when your whole family eats together? My son doesn't like to eat unless I am sitting at the table with him, preferably my husband, too. We always do family breakfast and supper together, and I sit with him at snacks and lunch and eat a cracker or something so that we're eating together.

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Do you give her vitamins each day? They make some that look just like gummi bears and they help increase the appetite.


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This may need further medical investigation,as there may be something that's causing her discomfort or pain while eating or digesting.

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