My daughter fighting w/ another child at school

Rebecca - posted on 12/20/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Her 6th and 7th grade is the worst for her! She's been having problems w/ a girl her age at school. They're from different classes but are both seventh graders. She says that this schoolmate will never leave her alone because she constantly likes hanging out w/ people much older than her. Kids her age don't get her, and the books she reads are much too difficult for 12 & 13 year olds. Most girls her grade at school like to hang out in groups, giggle at boys, popular groups, etc but she's not into any of those like any 5th-7th grader(s) are.
I tell her she may hang out w/ anyone she wants, but this other girl tells her not to hang out w/ anyone older than an 8th grader because "they're not allowed to", judging by what she has told me. She comes home upset everyday and I don't know how to deal w/ it. At first, I thought it was good for my child to learn to deal w/ situations and solving them, but I can't believe I'm letting a 12yo upset me. I've already spoken to the teacher about it, and I think the reason why this child is not letting my child hang out w/ older kids is because she finds it oddly peculiar but this really is upsetting my daughter. She gets good grades at school, I gave her a phone although I don't think she needs one & I trust her w/ internet safety and she is obedient...


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