My daughter gave her son up 5 years ago to a family member due to drugs . Now she is due to give biirth 11/24 /2013 in jail now for drugs will CPS step in and take this baby?


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Ariana - posted on 11/17/2012




If she's in jail for drugs it is very likely they will step-in. You should either have a plan for taking this baby (or another family member) or tell her the truth that if she doesn't get into a rehab and sort herself out she is going to lose another child. Do you want to take care of this baby or is it better off in someone elses care? Is there a way for you to have an intervention with your daughter or get her into councelling?

This is a sad situation for all of you and I dearly hope your daughter can get some help. For her sake, your sake, and especially for her childs sake.

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