My daughter had her tubes tied, then 3 months later got pregnant with identical twin boys. I'd say let the husband get fixed. It's something they can test to be sure it really took.


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Thea - posted on 06/11/2012




She had her tubes removed to be sure this time. She like you felt two kids were enough. After her second had her tubes tied. So... now she has four and all the kids suffer because she can't afford four kids... If she'd have had any idea that the first procedure was going to fail, she would've ask him to do it.
As far as it being my place... I am not that kind of mother or mother-in-law. I do not stick my nose in thier business. It was 100% their decision. I didn't give my opinion nor was I ask too. I'm just passing on the info so others realize that there is a real risk of getting pregnant after you have a tubal.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/11/2012




Well, that really is up to the both of them to decide. For me, I chose to have my tubes tied because I don't ever want any more children. If something happens to my husband, and I ever remarry, I seriously do not want kids. 2 is enough. I am happy with that. My husband says the same thing, but has not gotten the vasectomy cause he knows how serious I don't want kids. If I ask him to get it done to make sure we are safe, he will do it. But if he ever wants kids if I die, then he would have to have it reversed. Which is fine, but still. Really it is not your place to tell them what to do. I wish you daughter the best of luck, and I hope that if she attempts another tubal ligation, this time it sticks.

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