my daughter has a 5 year old son who misbehaves at times he usually is a very good little boy. she is now using us as a punishment for when he is misbehaving and tell him he can not see us. she said he can not be rewarded for misbehaving so he can not come to our house. do you feel she is right


Amy - posted on 03/17/2012




As a parent I'm going to do whatever I need to in order to get my kids to behave, so yes if my son really wants to go see his grandparents but then starts acting up he's not going to be able to do that fun thing! Eventually he'll learn that there is a cause and effect relationship, "if I act up and not listen to my parents, I'm going to lose fun time doing ______fill in the blank." It's no different then telling a child that he can't go to a birthday party for a friend because he hasn't been listening all day.

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