My daughter has been raped, I was told in confidence, what do i do!!!!

Denise - posted on 11/05/2014 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 14 year old daughter has been raped and confided in her best friend who told me. I can't break the trust from her friend, what do I do? She is suffering from mental health too. Any advice please?


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Hi Denise,
Your daughter needs you right now. Have her friend sit down with you and your daughter bring this up. Be supportive and listen. She may get upset with her friend but when she knows she has support from both of you then she will come back around.
Good Luck to you.

Samantha - posted on 11/07/2014




When I was younger this happened to me and I really wish I had done something about it and told my parents at the time this could make her so much worse and create new issues with her aswell as ruin future relationships and her attitude towards sex. I know it may seem hard and obviously you do not want to ruin your daughters friends trust but please you have to speak to her she needs to know you are there and that it was not her fault. Hope she is okay xx

Dove - posted on 11/05/2014




If she's suffering from mental health issues... is she in counseling? She needs to be.

Her best friend told you because she is worried about your daughter and your daughter NEEDS you. Talk to the best friend about having her help your daughter tell you... because this is the sort of thing she absolutely should have told you and your daughter and her friend both need to know that it is OK that the friend told you.

As for exactly how to help her otherwise... I don't know. You should both talk to a counselor about how to proceed. Your daughter needs to be checked out for STDs... and if the rape happened rather recently... pregnancy too.


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Jodi - posted on 11/05/2014




Do the mental health unit know about this? It is REALLY important that they know if you want her to be treated appropriately.

Denise - posted on 11/05/2014




She's currently in a mental health unit, suffering with depression and anxiety, she has become a very closed book since the event. I believe she took a pregnancy test herself, as found an empty test in her room. She is getting counselling but wont open up about it. It is a positive step that she told her best friend, but is adamant that I do not know. I just don't know how to go about getting her to tell me.

Her best friend is very honest with me as wants the best for her. Getting her checked for STDs is a very good idea thank you!

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