my daughter has been very agressive and has very bad behaviour ...i have just found out she is being bullied at school, after months and months of talking ,trying different technics of making her behave the school has denied its coming from school and has blamed us ...what do we do? HELP PLEASE !!!


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Jane - posted on 10/02/2012




Thank you for that ....she has been going to Brownies of which she enjoys and gets a lot out of it ...and i visit the school every time this happens ...she is very good on holidays and when she goes back to school she has this aggressive behavior, usually when she cant get her own way .. .we have a school councilor but he has not been much help up to now, i have even been told that the problem lies with us being to soft ....apart from killing her ...we have tried every technique we know ..... sometimes shes lovely but boy its an ordeal to get her to agree to things that we need her to do .....changing her school is our next step but i did have a doubt as the school seems to think she is special needs ??/

Ariana - posted on 10/02/2012




You may want to talk a family councellor who can help you with your daughter and also help your daughter deal with the issues bullying brings up.

If she is being bullied I would take her out that school, put her into a different school. You can change childrens schools if the other schools principle agrees to it (at least where I live you can check it out with others). You may want to talk to the school councellor as well; sometimes they can help more than teachers/principles.

I would also put her into a extracurricular activity. If she has things going on outside of school where she can gain self-esteem and socialize it will show her she is valued in other areas. Something like martial arts can be great for self-esteem and self-control. A program like guides can help her socialize away from bullies and she'll know she has friends outside of school.

It's important that if her school life is bad that she has other places to turn to and other areas to gain good self-esteem from. I would also get a family councellor who can help you and your daughter figure out how to deal with all of this.

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