My daughter has chronic pneumonia help!!!!

User - posted on 10/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




In the last 2 years i feel like ive been through hell and thats a soft way of saying it. My 5 year old has been hospitalized 6 times for Asthma and Pneumonia. I dont know what to do anymore my baby has had pneumonia l 15 times in 2 years. We see a pulmanologist, Ent, Asthma/ Allergy and jow GI drs at childrens hospital of wisconsin. Webhave done ct scans, xrays, surgeries where they looked inside her lungs so many blood wook including looking at her immune system, shes on 10 meds just for Asthma and Allergies but shes still getting sick. This last hospitalization she got walking pneumonia she was on 15 litters of oxygen to keep her oxygen level above 90. She almost died. Im lierly at my wits end before i have a breakdown. Im always crying and stressed. Yesterday my babygirl told me while taking her morning meds that shes tired of being sick but it seems like no one knows whats wrong or how to help her. Please help if theres a mom thats been through this i really need some help.

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