My daughter has gotten an atitude.

Kimberly A - posted on 08/29/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 6 yr old daughter has found herself a new atitude and boy oh boy do I wish it would go away. When she gets to out of hand or snotty I will sit her on the stairs for no longer then 6minutes. But this is not working. I know I have spoiled her over the years and now I regret that hugely. I began having her do age appropriate chores and we pay her weekly if all done without hassle on top of brushing her teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes min. This worked for a bout two weeks. He atitude began when I lost our house about 3 yrs ago. We had to stay with a friend and my parents but my mother and I do not get along so that didn't last long. Also she bad mouths me to my daughter and has done things to me no mother should ever do to a child. Which is why we no longer are involved in each others lives. She called me and asked to see adrianna acting as if she didn't even have a grandson but that aside I told her of course but I will have to ask adrianna Bcuz of what she had said to my daughter right before canceling my wedding made her pretty upset and we hadn't spoke of her since. I also told my mom there was to be absolutly no bad talk of me what so ever and she flew off the handle saying I made my daughter hate her. Everyone hates her and nothing was said like that at all. So I just ignored the 20 txt messages after that and here we are today. But my daughter's atitude is getting worse and it truely began we we had to live with my parents. My mother threw us out on the curb out of know where which is when we moved into my now husband's mothers house for a few months to continue saving money and then got an apartment. 1 yr after that we got into our home now Dec 2013. Which is a huge beautiful home right next to a park with a huge backyard but she had to transfer school. She's ok now but upset I can tell. But her atitude hasn't been getting any better. She doesn't have many friends and I'm sure it's due to her lieing and atitude. Her lieing has became so normal that she lies almost about everything. I'm just at my wits end and honestly done know what to do. I wrote so much hoping some in site over the past 3 yrs would possibly help someone determine what could have caused this. I need some opinions on what to do. Please someone help me before my newest child arrives in march. Oh and she's great with her little brother. Very helpful and always sweet as pie to him. Seems more directed towards me and I can't even think about me and my daughter having the awful relationship me and my mother have always had. I've made it a life long goal to never be like my mom. So why is this happening? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou so much♡

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