My daughter having lots of issues at school & gets overly so tired she takes naps.

Rebecca - posted on 11/26/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter says every day that she's tired and falls asleep as soon as 2 minutes pass by. I wake her up, she gets a little "grumpy" but it's really nothing, and then gets back to being in a normal mood as she starts to find something to do.
I continue to ask about her classmates so I may find out more. She said this to me about a minute ago as she's eating the food I gave her right now: "Mom, kids are being really insolent to me at school...". She hadn't come up with a single reason why yet. She's autistic, and she prefers some alone time. I think it's partly puberty...our computer is monitored and I can see some searches she recently made:
"How Come People Get Bullied In Elementary School And High School?"
"Why Do Kids Ages 10-14 Care About Popularity?"
"Is There Any Preventions On Bullying?"
There are more than millions of sites about bullying. She has a friend in high school, and she says that it will be much better when she gets into high school. This is her 7th grade year, and she'll be in high school, in our territory, in 8th grade.
She's constantly eating slow when it's time to get ready for school. She sees the school counselor every Tuesday.


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T - posted on 11/27/2014




Have you had her evaluated for a sleep disorder? Sleep disorders can exacerbate pre-existing neurological issues, my daughter has severe ADD and in the past had sleep issues. Maybe she, should do a sleep study or try melatonin (after speaking with your physician) Also maybe your daughter is depressed or anxious about school, I know from personal experience with my daughter how absolutely horrible middle school girls can be. She may be eating slowly as a stalling mechanism because she is unhappy at school. i hope this was helpful!

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