My daughter humps things

Denise - posted on 10/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 5 year old daughter has been humping things since her baby brother was born she's the middle child she has now started doing it in school help how can I stop her doing it


Sarah - posted on 10/13/2014




This is not unusual behavior and probably does not have anything to do with a new brother. When you catch her, distraction and redirection can stop the immediate behavior. Since she isn't doing anything wrong, don't punish her. You need to teach her that it is a private behavior. Tell her she can only do that in her bedroom. If she keeps it up at school, talk to the teacher.
You may want to ask her why she does it? If she says it feels good, then drop it and remind her that it is private behavior. If she says her vagina itches or hurts, she may have a health problem. Around 5 kids do develop a sense of privacy, so she'll probably curb things on her own soon anyway.

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