My daughter in nappies 24/7

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She is 14 and not got out of bed wetting ever and stopped wearing nappies during the day at 7 and then at 10 she started wetting her knickers so I bought her some nappies and she got very embarrassed and she goes to a secondary school now and has starte pooing in the past 2 years. I don't know what to do and need advice. Also she has nothing wrong with her at all and the doctors have said her bladder is perfectly fine


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If she started wetting herself again during the day at age 10 years the appropriate response was NOT to buy her diapers!!!!
I highly doubt ANY doctor would ever tell any parent whose child was wetting the bed at age 10 or wetting their clothes during the day at age 10 that there was absolutely nothing wrong. The doctor may say something like "I cannot find anything physically wrong." but that is NOT the same thing as "There is nothing wrong with her."
Furthermore, you mention her bladder specifically, and while the bladder is where we hold waste before it is expelled, issues with it are rarely ever the cause of bed wetting or loss of bowel and bladder control. So if you had the doctors focusing in on her bladder, it is very possible they missed something physical. Furthermore, the problem could have been a temporary issue, such as a kidney stone or urinary tract infection that weakened her muscles, so the temporary problem, which doesn't exist anymore and thus eludes the doctors, may have caused permanent damage.

It could also very possibly be a neurological problem. There could be an anomaly in her nervous system that affects the way her body tells her brain it needs to release the waste or in the way her brain sends (or doesn't send) the signal back to her bladder and bowel systems.

You need to have her checked by a pediatric neurologist in order to even begin testing for these kinds of issues.

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