My Daughter is 11 and she shows signs of being gay but if she was i know she wouldnt tell me PLEASE HELP!!??


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Cherish - posted on 08/26/2012




I would not worry about her being gay then..

I would focus more on your relationship with her.

Anything that you can do with her,that gets you 2 talking might be helpful...

Kids that age sometimes get weird,they are figuring out who they are.So they can be distant or moody...

Do you get any mother/daughter time alone?

Does she know that she can come to you with questions?

Lee - posted on 08/26/2012




I would love my daughter no matter what but she is more of a loner and we dont have a very strong relationship.

Jaime - posted on 08/25/2012




Regardless of these "signs" or your pre-conceived notions of hetero/homosexuality, she's 11 years old and still fairly young to really pin-point any kind of finite interest one way or the other. But if she is, infact, gay, then she will need to know she has your love and support(the same as you would give if she is not gay) so that she WILL talk to you. You can always try talking to a counselor if you're having a difficult time accepting this as a possibility for your daughter, because it might help you to gain a positive perspective so that you are capable of shouldering the worries and questions that might come later.

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