My daughter is 11 and turning 12 on November the 19th,she has had eczema since she was born and I don't know what to do...


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Bobbie - posted on 10/20/2012




Is she in pain? Where are the blotches?

My skin is so bad in the winter months that I get red tenderness from the slightest rubbing or movement that is out of the norm. Like last weekend. I was in the front of a large SUV turned around in my seat speaking to the people in the back. The simple act of twisting in my clothes and having the car move made my back and bottom raw with a streak of redness from where my jacket and jeans were against my skin at an angle. My daughter and I both have a horrible time with the red painful beginning rash but have gotten it under control so it doesn't develop into the itchy dry patches

Here are a few things that trigger it badly

~ Pet Dander

if you have pets a good vacuum is required every day to keep the hair and dander to a minimum.

~ Soap and shampoo

all soap should be gentle, fragrance free. Remember, if she is sitting in a tub and washes her hair with shampoo the ingredients float in the water against her skin after she rinses. Best line of defense is to get into a shampoo in shower only situation

~Laundry Detergents

Sensitive skin needs clothes washed in a free of additives and fragrances detergent

~Fabric Softners

Should be used very little if at all. I suggest you cut out using it for towels and wash cloths. Martha Stewart made me realize that it was true that towels are actually softer and more absorbent without softner in the rinse cycle- go figure

~ Sofa's and throw pillows

Need to be vacuumed for that pet dander removal on a regular basis and look for signs of where the patches appear on her body. If she is wearing shorts and then the blotches start on the backs of her legs chances are it is from contact from sitting or laying in something

~ lotions and potions

I love oatmeal bath soaks. There are packets in the store to relieve the blotches once they break out.

I have to be very aggressive with lotion all over my body, especially my back in the winter to avoid the dryness. I use this body oil in attachment below. I can use it sparingly when I am wet before I dry off from the shower when I have flare ups.|13732120&CPNG=Health+Beauty&kpid=13732120&ci_gpa=pla&ci_sku=13732120

For regular every day care I use Gold Bond healing lotion in the big pump bottle. This stuff is great! It is fragrance free, thick and absorbs without effort so you can dress right away without it sticking to you

If she gets it on her checks then she is exposed to temps that her skin isn't prepared for. In the dead of winter a super soft scarf to pull up over her cheeks while outside will help.

Simone - posted on 10/20/2012




Hi Abby, I've suffered with eczema since birth as well, that's 31 years! But I found out mine is caused by different foods that my body can't handle, I learnt that if your insides are having trouble with something than it's reflected on the outside. Have you looked into food allergies? The foods that cause my eczema are dairy, wheat and sugar. If I avoid these 3 things it goes away. When I first discovered it I had to do a liver detox to kick start cleaning my body of the allergens as my liver was run down from trying to cope with it all, but I've been fine since!! It is also brought on by chemicals I touch or any fragrance.

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