My daughter is 11 and wants to die because of bullies! Help me please!

Brandy - posted on 03/12/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 11 and so very beautiful! She has long blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She has freckles that are so perfect they look like the stars in night sky! She wants to be a heart surgeon but she's to scared of being teased for being smart! She wants to push the little girl in her school who uses a wheel chair but she's afraid she'll get the little girl picked on to. She wants to be happy about her grades (A+) but the kids pick on her! Now her grades have gone down. She wants to go to school and have a teacher, or counselor, or principal to talk to but they think she's part of the problem. Last week my daughter was beat up so bad she passed out in front of the teachers. She RECEIVED 1 1/2 wks OSS! She wants to talk to some one but she's so scared, so scared that even dying is not as bad as being called names. Hi, my name is Brandy and my 11 yr old daughter Kelly has attempted suicide more than 2x's that I KNOW OF. Every time has been with a knife or razor. Please some one help me and my daughter! I don't want to loose my only child to fear and neglect. She's even stopped talking to me. My heart is breaking every second I see her in pain. I want her pulled out of school and home schooled but I don't know how to go about proving all this when the teachers think she's the problem anyway. Please help us, anyone.


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First of all YOU need to be the one to talk with the principal, teachers, and school board ASAP!!! This is NOT her job, it is YOUR job. Get on it before you lose your little girl. In the meantime start researching other schools. Speak with a therapist and get her in asap. Your daughters life is way to precious. Bullies will always be bullies until they are caught.....the parents of these bullies need to be talked to by the school WITH you.

Also, get her into activities out side of school. This way she can pick the activity, and it will involve other kids her age with the same interest. That way she can make friends out side of school. Have her invite her regular friends over all the time. Get her into social environments that are helping build her self esteem.

I am so sorry she is going through this, but be strong for her and take action.....quickly.


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Brandy - posted on 05/13/2014




Thank you so very! Im almost through the finish line with this whole bullying ordeal. I finally got the teachers attention and made them listen to me and my daughter. They have agreed to help us now to get her into a school close to us for children who need counseling. We have looked into the school and it is a nice school and will be perfect for her needs.

Latasha - posted on 03/12/2014




Hi there and I'm sorry you both are going through this tough situation. I just wanted to point out and please don't be offended but you may be part of the problem. Your daughter is not beautiful because of how looks and you should not encourage such vanity. There is a lot more to her then physical appearance. Sit with the teachers and other parents in a mediation setting and listen to the kids don't speak for them hear what they have to say. Good Luck!!

Michelle - posted on 03/12/2014




Get her into counselling ASAP!!!! Surely if you had taken her to hospital with her suicide attempts they would have referred her to someone.
She needs to build up her self esteem and it would probably help to move schools to one with a no tolerance policy to bullying.
Be proactive instead of reactive.

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