My Daughter is 12 months old and suffers with wind, tummy ache and what appears to be reflux. It keeps her up most of the night making her miserable and crankey. We have been told to put her on a dairy free diet incase she is lactose intolerant but it has made no difference. Going to the docs again but does anyone have any suggestions? Getting pretty desperate as some nights I dont get any sleep at all :(


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Iridescent - posted on 10/20/2011




Yes, reflux can develop at any age. I second JuLeah's suggestion about no gluten as well. Are you making sure to read labels closely and not give any foods or medicines with Lactose, Whey, or Casein listed? Even those that don't say Milk on them may contain it.

Rebecca - posted on 10/20/2011




Should she get reflux at this age? She hasn't really suffered with it before :-)

JuLeah - posted on 10/20/2011




No dairy is hard, as dairy can be found in amny foods you might not think about. Often times too, people who can't eat dairy also can't eat gluten.

I am a mess if I eat gluten, or dairy. So are many in my family.

Take her off all gluten for a few weeks and see what happens.

Research this, becuase gluten too is found in amny foods you would not think contained gluten

Make sure she still gets enough calcium

Katherine - posted on 10/20/2011




Have her sitting up half an hour after she eats. Elevate her head at night. Just put a towel under her mattress and roll it a few times. Both of my daughters had reflux.

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