my daughter is 13 and she is going out with a 16 year old girl..acdording to her she is bisexual, she 0Ql?


Jodi - posted on 07/09/2014




13 is too young to be having a relationship with anyone. I disagree that she is too young to know her sexuality - she is exploring. But this is not a question about sexuality. Is she too young to be going out with a 16 year old (male or female )? Yes she is. Stop making it about her sexuality. Do NOT make her feel bad about her sexuality (which is what you are doing). This is about a relationship, period. 13 is too young.


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Rose - posted on 07/09/2014




Hi Dove, I couldnt finished my post..Im not allowing her to be with that girl, I have even changed her from school, she was being good, great behavior in the other school. But dont know what happened , she contacted the girl again, seen each other..she sneaked out one day to see her and the other day she lied saying she was going to the movies with friends from the new school. My thought is she is not old enough to determine she is bi-sexual or lesbian..the other girl is not a good influence for my daughter since she is a cutter, she sent pictures to my daughter cutting her wrist and mine started doing the same., I took all of her gadgets away, ipod, ps3, pc etc.

Dove - posted on 07/09/2014




What is your question?

I have a question though... why are you allowing your 13 year old child to be 'going out' w/ anyone regardless of age or gender?

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