My daughter is 14 and has a very difficult time making friends and being


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Linda - posted on 01/04/2013




Thanks, we live in a small town where there aren't many activities. I am looking for places in Charlotte, which is near us to join. We are working on it. Thanks for your advice.

Ariana - posted on 01/04/2013




Could you sign her up for activities where there will be other girls her age? Depending on your area they may have clubs/activities. You could look for a teen book club, martial arts class, gymnastics class (there is usually a teen class somewhere), girl guides, teen dance classes, anything like that. Sign her up for something she has some interest in, she might meet girls at her class and it gives her time to get to know them in a nopressure way.

You might also look for some sort of youth group in the area you could drop her off at for a few hours. If she's anxious you could tell her to just go and talk to one of the youth group leaders and eventually over time she'll start meeting other kids that hang out there.

If there are clubs/groups at her school that meet up during lunch hour that's a great way to meet kids who she can potentially get to know even more because she's also at school with them. Part of meeting people and being social is getting into a social area with people who share the same interests. A club or group gives her time to get to know them and them her.

If she seems to be depressed or very isolated you might try taking her to a councellor who can talk to her, but only do that if you've tried this and nothings working. Good luck!

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