My daughter is 15 soon be 16 this year and wants to go on the pill she has a boyfriend too but I'm very unsettled about this and all her friend are asking if she has been put on it yet.. I don't know what to do as me and her father can be strict but want what's best for her, please help? thank you.


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Frankie - posted on 01/22/2015




I know she is responsible and I sometimes never believe what she says but I know she wouldn't do anything unless she was comfortable with it, I will give her her due she is smart enough to know what's what and is very mature for her age. But as I don't want her going behind my back when she's 16 and going their her self as I will admit I'm very nosie and we never have got on due to her older brother, she has said if she was on the pill it might help with her skin as she's always complaining about her skin and complection I feel that she might go on it when she's 16 without me knowing with a friend holding her hand while she's their instead of me.

Jodi - posted on 01/21/2015




When it comes down to it, soon, she actually doesn't need your permission to go on birth control. She can go ahead and do it on her own. I don't agree it is an invitation to have sex. Clearly she has already made a decision about this. It's a positive sign that she has come to you to talk to you about it. However, I agree with Michelle that she shouldn't rely ONLY on the pill at this age and you need to sit down and have a conversation with her about sex, relationships, safe sex, and so on. By all means express to her that you think she is too young and you wish she'd wait, but she will do what she chooses to do in the end.

Michelle - posted on 01/21/2015




I went on the pill at that age but it was to help cope with my periods, not because I was sexually active.
I think you need to explain to your daughter that while the pill can prevent pregnancy, it doesn't prevent her getting an STI. You should be educating her to use condoms and not just relying on the pill.
I wouldn't put her on it as it may be the invitation to have sex. It seems like she won't until she is on it. It also sounds like a peer pressure situation since her friends are asking if she's on it yet.
I think you need to have a good chat to her about her body and peer pressure, her self esteem sounds low.

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