My daughter is 15. The doctors just now are testing her for downs. How is it possible to go undetected till now.

Carolyn - posted on 06/24/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter has all the symptoms of ds except a few. her head is a little larer than average, her chest bones are very large, and she is taller than the average bear. The doctors are just now testing her?????????????????????


Jane - posted on 06/25/2011




Obviously she must be high functioning or someone would have caught it earlier. According to WebMD there are more than 50 symptoms of Down's Syndrome, and many can be seen in other kids who don't have Down's. They also occur in varying degrees so it can be hard to use strictly symptoms to label someone as having Down's. The only way to really tell is to check the chromosomes. If they had no reason to think she had Down's testing for it may have simply slipped through the cracks.

There is also a form called Mosaic Down's Syndrome, where some of the body's cells have the extra chromosome but others do not. This form is often missed until later, even adulthood. As one site says:

"Because affected infants and children born with this syndrome can resemble those with Down syndrome, the proper diagnosis can be missed or occur much later in life, including during adulthood. On the other hand, individuals with no obvious Down syndrome characteristics can also be missed because there would be no reason for testing."

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