My daughter is 15months and not really using her words. I see all the reports from specialist and they say she should be saying some words but all she can say is Mama and hot. She points at the things she wants and i'll say what they are in hopes that she will repeat it she babbles something like she is repeating it but never saying the word or sounding like she is. is this normal? Should i be worried and is the pacifier the culprit in why she's not using words?


Faye - posted on 01/30/2013




If it were me, by the time she is 18 months the pacifier would be gone.

My daughter weaned herself off the bottle at a year and never took the pacifier but she still really did not have that many words she spoke even at the age of 2 years 6 months. My daughter was a slow speaker, which drove my MIL crazy. She was certain that there was a learning disability and that we needed to be having her checked. The doctor was not concerned as he had seen plenty over the years which were the same way but "caught" up with themselves between 3 1/2 and 4 years.

You telling her the objects name is a good way for her to learn. An idea to get the pacifiers out of the house would be to box them up with her help and address the box to the local hospital. Tell her that she is a big girl now and there are babies which need them. (No reason to mail them, just pack the box, place it out with the mail and while she is busy with something else, hide the box for the next little one.) If you have an early mail drop, inform the carrier the day before you plan on doing this so they will leave it alone.


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