my daughter is 2 and she is biting..


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Neva - posted on 10/03/2011




Biting is very common in a 2 year old. She is trying to communicate and doesn't have the language or the maturity to do that yet. I would not bite her back, that is only teaching her that biting is okay when you are frustrated or the lemon juice. When she bites, firmly tell her no biting and put her in a 2 minute time out. Sit her on a chair, a step or a spot on the floor away from the action. If she gets up keep calmly putting her back on the spot. Don't talk to her when putting her back, just keep doing it until she finally stays. This may take a while the first time, but be consistent. When her 2 minutes are up tell her that she was put there because she was biting and you don't allow biting and that every time she bites she will go to time out. Then have her tell you, or whomever she has bitten that she's sorry. Every time she bites do the same thing. She needs an immediate time out. A time out does not give her the attention that she is after. To a 2 year old even negative attention is better than no attention. Don't expect over night resolution. 2 year olds don't have impulse control and it will take consistency, but she will get over this.

Stacy - posted on 10/03/2011




ive used every method... ive tried biting back, ive tried lemon juice and she liked it, ive tried soap and she just wants to eat it i just dont know what to do any more... and she bites when happy, or mad it doesnt matter...

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