my daughter is 2 weeks from being 3 yrs old and she refuses to use the potty and still in diapers. Any ideas on how to train her?


Louise - posted on 09/18/2011




Take the diapers away! tell her that she is a big girl now and that she needs to use the toilet like mummy. Never revert back to diapers this sends a negative message to her. Take her to the toilet with a seat on it every half an hour until she pees and then wait an hour and take her again. She is a bit big for a potty now and in her head potties are for babies. Taking her to the toilet will make her feel grown up and more liable to be successful.

As she has her nappy on she does not need to go to the toilet and stop what she is doing to do so. You have to break this cycle.Accidents will be frequent at first as she has had three years of training to pee in her nappy so she has to adjust. Do not shout at her just clean her up. At three toilet training should be achieved within a week. Constantly remind her she has to use the toilet and success will come quickly. Only use a diaper for bedtime do not be tempted to put her in diapers to nip to the shops this will hinder you no end. Stick to your guns now she is to old for a nappy and she needs to use the toilet.


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Katherine - posted on 09/17/2011




Stickers every time she goes, M&M's, take her every few hours. Go to the store and buy her big girl panties and let her pick them out.

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