my daughter is 5 and very overweight i want to get her to lose weight how do i go about doing that without hurting her feelings and removing snacks from her all at once

Alic - posted on 04/20/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Shes 5 and she has liitle boobs my mom bought her traing bras my dad felt shes to young but its very noticable im lost im a young mom and i need get her on the right track a little girl she said yesterday called her fat i dont want that to be her life i dont want my daughter to be picked on when she starts kindergarten this september please help how do i get started?


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Jodi - posted on 04/20/2014




You need to look at her diet and her exercise. As Ariana said, it is not about being on a diet, but rather leading a healthy lifestyle.

Ariana - posted on 04/20/2014




Does she do any activities? She may need to be more active. Try taking her to the park and having her join a recreational activity like swimming or dance.

I wouldn't put her on any sort of diet but just slowly try to make snack foods less junk and more regular food and put off junky snacks to later. She only can eat when you have around right? So try to just eat healthier and avoid giving her extremely large portions. Encourage more fruits and vegetables.

Mostly it's based off what you eat and have available and how much activity she gets. So try to get active and she'll follow suit!

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