My Daughter is 5 year old at the age of 3 she lost her front two thees because of germs, and i was wating for her adult tooth but now she will compelet 6 in october but new theeths are not visible till now.


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Louise - posted on 04/20/2012




You really need your child to be looked at by a dentist. Normal healthy teeth do not fall out until about age 7 and the new ones emerge shortly after. If the tooth has been knocked out or damaged in some way this could affect the tooth growing down.

My son had his front tooth knocked out on a play ground spring toy at the age of 5. He did not get his adult tooth through until he was 7 he was left with a gap.

I strngly urge you to take your child to be seen by a dentist to make sure the tooth underneath is not damaged or growing down lop sided as it has not had a tooth to follow. This is very importat to correct now or it could cost a lot of money to put right in the future.

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