My daughter is 7 months old and was diagnosed with Torticollis at birth? She seems to be regressing? and odd behavior now...?!?!

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My daughter was diagnosed with Torticollis at birth (granted it was my mother an RN who knew something was wrong with the infants neck)and then we mentioned it to the Dr. and was then 100% diagnosed a few days later..But she is now 7 months old, has had plenty of pt since we saw the therapist and did/do the exercises at home. My daughter was stuck in one position for a long time in the womb that is what caused the torticollis. When we met with the PT the first time she said that Brylee had a very mild case of this and she only had a 25% tilt on the first visit. She stated that her head had a very minimal flatness. And if u see her now you would see it looks pretty round to me. Brylee's case according to the PT was not that big of a deal so we have done the exercises as instructed. It had a major affect on her head and neck. It is almost center now it is maybe a 3% tilt. I can not seem to get it to go away completely? Brylee is speed crawling everywhere for the last month and she pulls up on everything and anything perfectly for the last 3 weeks. She seems to be developing fine. Neurologically she seems ok and the Dr agreed on that also. In the last 3-4 days she has been doing something strange she is taking her head (the same side as her tilt is on the right side) and hanging it to the right with her ear touching her shoulder. She doesn't do it constantly but enough and she will lay her head just like that FLAT on the ground and try and look under the tables etc..that just seems odd to me. I thought maybe ear infection? but her ears on the outer ear look healthy now i do not own an otoscope so i cant look inside, but they do not seem to bother her every once in a while i will catch her tugging at her earrings (she has had them since a week old. so they are healed and shes use to them) but not all the time. She is not lethargic, no fever nothing seems to be wrong with her? i explained all this to the Dr. and they said just watch her. I am wondering if she is regressing? is that possible? Has anyone ever dealt with this? Has any other mother noticed their child with this sort of behavior? One with or with out being diagnosed with Torticollis? My mother said she is concerned with her vision? and now i'm back to thinking something neurologically is wrong with her! but she doesn't meet the criteria for downs or autistic. She seems to be okay, but i am worried, please if anyone has any kind of advice to share with me i would be appreciate it! Thank you


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I'm sorry for your pain and scaredness. I would be to. I do not have a child that has had that problem with torticollis. I however wanted to see what it was. Many babies and even animals can get this. There was one thing that you had said on here. You had said that you were doing excersises with her neck...She apparently had a bump on the side of her neck area that can cause the tiltness? Then you said that she seemed to be getting better and now she is crawling around and tilting her head and bothering with her ear. She may have an ear infection.One of the articles that I have read was about a bunny,( I know that we're talking about a baby, but animals can get the same things as a human can). However parasites, infections and etc can cause it. Not only from one position in the womb can cause it, but there are numerous of things, including tumors. This
talks about the rabbit and what can cause the problem.

Ear infections can cause anyone to rub their ears and favor a side and even cause tiltness. I have went through that myself as a child for years. It isn't no picnic. I still get ear infections and same problems as an adult. I have come across a medicine, which is a natural product that many people does put down. You can read testimonies of people that has used this and has cured their diseases. Colidal silver is the name of the product. I use soverign silver (the brand name) is has only 10ppm. The lower the ppm is , the more effective it is. Some people say you cannot give it to children. Which is however wrong. It is safe and has been used since the 1800's. I don't know how you feel about natural medicines. But, I thought I would write in a let you check it out for yourself. Silver colidal is good for many diseases, parasites, viruses, bacteria and etc. It has treated many things, and still does. I use this in my eyes. It doesn't sting or burn. It tastes like water. I used it with my newborn. Doctors used this in newborns eyes in hospitals. This can be put in the ear for an ear infection. Your daughter may have had an inner ear infection when she was born. Some doctors don't diagnose the symptoms properly. If an ear infection is present, it can lead to lumps on the neck (because of lympe nodes are there), the lympe nodes collects the infections and tries to fight it off. If the infections are spredding and has not been treated it can go away and come back. Colidal silver can be put in the ear. A drop or two is fine and put a cotton ball in it. It is safe for infants. I have used it on my week old son and uses it for my children for various things and for myself and husband. I use it for my animals too. I recently used it for cataracts on my goat and so far, they are gone and he can see now. It is a miracle medicine in my book. I love it. You can buy this in any herbal store or go to IHERB.COM to buy it. Shipping over 20.00 is free.
I hope this will help you. It was worth a try. I do believe any problem can be fixed or healed. God can heal it through medicines.

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