my daughter is 8 and she have lied to me that she had a talked with counsler and principal about bullying today just found that she had never had a talk with either of them ....


Raye - posted on 01/09/2015




My step-son was dealing with a bully at school. The boy called him names because of his glasses, broke his glasses, then my SS didn't want to wear the glasses anymore. SS lied to us saying that he pointed out the boy to his teacher, but my husband asked the teacher and she said that he never told her about it. Kids lie about these things for various reasons, and it usually boils down to some kind of fear.

If she's the one that is being bullied: She probably fears being seen as weak in front of other adults. She probably fears being seen as a snitch in front of her friends. And she probably doesn't want to point out the one who's bullying out of fear of retaliation from that person or their friends.

If she's the one doing the bullying: She absolutely doesn't want to get in trouble at school if she can help it. She probably thinks that you will go easier on her (or at least your anger is a known variable), so she'll deal with you versus getting others involved.

Either: 1) send a note with her to give to the counselor, and let her know you WILL make sure they get it, 2) call the school yourself, or 3) go in with your daughter to see the counselor and/or principal together.

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