my daughter is 9 years old. she is 84 lbs and has developed stetch marks on her body. she isnt worried about it, but i think i a making her worry. what to do?

Julie - posted on 01/28/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I m worried about my nine year old daughters weight. she weighs 84 lbs. she has stretch marks. she doesn't worry about it, but I think I am making her self conscious? what to do? should I worry about all this?


Puliti - posted on 01/28/2013




My step daughter is 30 pounds overweight according to her last check-up. To be quite frank, I don't think it helps her or the situation to shy away from trying to help her with her weight. For a lot children, it's easier to lose excess weight while they are still young.

Now we've made the point to my step daughter that we don't want her to lose weight. We just want to all eat healthier and everyone can and will benefit from doing that. We go to the grocery store every week and pick out different vegetables and fruits to try all together and I take her on our "walks and talks" while her father plays kinect dance games with her.

She's been losing a healthy amount of weight over the past few weeks & told us that she feels good about it & has had fun doing it. In fact, her father and I too have lost a bit of weight & gained some energy & had fun doing it. I think the point of the process was to make her feel comfortable, make sure she understood that it isn't the weight that matters; we just wanted her to be healthy. It would be even better if you do these things with her as a family for support and so she won't feel singled out. As a family, you can ALL benefit from doing healthy things together and bond as a plus! Hope this helps and good luck.

Terasa - posted on 01/28/2013




As an overweight kids my mom made me very self conscious and then i began to ignore her and gained more weight later because i began to not care what people thought of me and now i am 27 and doing my best to loose weight after five kids. what i can tell you from a kids point of view is yes worry but let her follow by example and dont talk to her about weight loss and eating better. You eat the healthy foods and exercise and encourage her to join. make fun time for the two of you. My mom tried to force me to diet and to exercise and it made want to go against her more. I hope what i told you helps. I told a friend of mines mom the same thing and she tried it and then then thanked me for the advice.not only did her daughter get healthier but their relationship got alot stronger.


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