My Daughter Is A Cyberbully!?

Kelsey - posted on 08/31/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughters been on circle of moms before once about her concerns about a certain girl. It turns out that they werent concerns. she is bullying her through internet and real life. I took away the computer mouse to work so she can't log in anything and also took the keyboard. She's forbidden to use internet until 1 month later. I found out about her cyberbullying business when I came home from work to the living room then found messages she wrote on a website that called the girl "stupid" a "hoe" and so many swearing. Shes 12, and I trusted her on the internet but now I don't. I sat her down on my bed, and asked her why shes bullying. She said "because that girl is a freakin lesbian and i hate her". I do NOT approve of her answer and also i caught her cyberbullying once before, so I only took away her computer for a week then. She doesnt have an iPad, laptop, cellphone becus I think 12 yr olds shouldnt have those electronics but i planned to buy her a phone when she's 15. She might go over to her friends houses, the library, or elsewhere to cyberbully. I need advice on my daughter with the drama and cyberbullying. Even her school have computers. I spoke to her friend's mom to not let her use any electronics and that mom says HER daughter is also grounded for cyberbullying. my daughter and her daughter started bullying and we did everything we can to stop them from the internet and I dont allow her daughter online when shes at my house cause her mom told me so

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