My daughter is a senior, and she is having a hard time passing her math tests.

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I am paying 1260.00 a semester so that my daughter gets tutor for math, she also goes to her teacher after school once a week for tutoring and I ensure she does math problems at home to prepare for her math test. I am so frustrated because it seems as if nothing is helping her to. When she is doing the problems at tutoring with her teacher and her school teacher, she say that she get all them right as well as at home. When she takes the test, she fail every time. I don't know what to do? The math that is doing is math 3. Its a combination of data analysis&Probability, Number &Operation, Algebra, and geometry.


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Well mom, take a deep breath. You are coming into the realm of letting it be. We love our children so much and try as we might some of our wonderful children still just do not do well. Regardless of your efforts up unto this point you have to know that it is all on her now.

Stress is a terrible thing for all of us. Let it go. You have paid the tutor, and she is seemly doing her very best so "it is what it is".

That being said I do have some advice. Can I tell you my story to see how it works?

I learned to ride a motorcycle and had a huge one to manage. I would freeze up and get scared when I didn't do well on it. It seemed if I made one misjudgement, skipped a gear, or anything that made me question myself I did even worse. From my own knowledge I realized I needed to mentally prepare myself for those times of failure and more importantly fix my mind so that one error didn't lead to more. I created a mantra for myself. (a mantra is a group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation").

As I prepared to get on the bike I would say calmly to myself. "I am calm, I am confident, I am in control". I would say this at least 5 times as I slowly prepared myself for a ride. As the ride progressed I would repeat it to myself when I bobbled or didn't break well or anything that shook my confidence in myself. It worked! Instead of getting upset when things were going badly it gave me the boost I needed to regain the self esteem and focus to continue.

So, for your daughter I say chill on the math side of this issue and assist her in preparing mentally for the test. Sounds like a case of "brain freeze" . By the way, my son went for his written cycle test and failed! He knew each and every question by heart so I knew he was having anxiety, stress and brain freeze. So I had him create his own mantra. Asked him not to study but rather envision himself relaxed, confident and easily going through the test with a calm sense of no pressure. He aced it with 100% perfection. I suspect a little calm confidence and self esteem with get her the results she has locked away under the self imposed pressure at test time.

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