My Daughter is almost 13. Should she have a cell phone???

Sarah Joy - posted on 04/08/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Daughter is going to be 13 on May 14th she keeps asking me for a cell phone. I tell her maybe for your birthday. Should I get her one?? She is mature. She has good grades. I just don't know when she should get a cell phone. If I get her a cell phone she will be able to take it to school. But she needs to keep her grades up. She would also charge it in my room, at night. So she doesn't stay up late. And I will be checking her phone. I just don't knowing I should get her one or not??? Thank you for your help......


Dove - posted on 04/08/2015




That's completely up to you. My kids get cell phones when they enter middle school (6th grade) because that is when 'I' need them to have one. Just a $15 Walmart phone w/ a basic talk and unlimited texting plan ($25/month). If I didn't NEED them to have one... it would likely not be until they were 16, driving, and paying for it themselves, but since that isn't our life anymore I can't say for sure.

My daughter is 13 and her best friend is almost 14 and still doesn't have her own cell phone... but she has a mom, dad, and 2 older siblings at home that all have one. In our home... we have no land line and I am the only adult and my 13 year old is the oldest.

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