My daughter is almost 18 months old and does not sleep through the night! I have tried everything from baths before bedtime with the soothing baby was, the bedtime lotion, feeding her before bedtime, taking her to the chiropractor, and even the doctor to rule out ear infection. She gets up anywhere from once to 5 times a night! My other children, the first sleep through the night at 4 months and the other the first night home from the hospital.. I am at a loss of what to try... please help with any advice!


Charista - posted on 09/13/2012




Hi my name is Charista. I kept my nephew for a whole summer one year. He was around 11 months old at the time. I think it was a combination of him missing his mommie being wiened off of his formula and teething but that baby would not let me get any sleep at night. I tried it all as you said and nothing helped him sleep all night. Finally I added one bedtime regimen which was, believe it or not, baby massaging. YES! he had a spa like massage with warm oil or lotion every night before bed and he slept aaaaaall night. I massaged him from head to toe making gentle circular motions to his temple, shoulders, each arm, hands (including fingers), chest, legs, and feet (including toes) with a combination of bending and flexing his arms, legs and feet. I would turn him on his stomach to repeat and he LOVED IT!!!! Never had a problem with sleep again. I highly recommend you try this along with the other great things you do for your baby. Good luck!

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