My daughter is almost 3 years she refused to make stool during the day the main problem that she make stool while sleeping what can i do?


JuLeah - posted on 10/23/2011




Also, it is not that she refuses. She is not doing this to bug or annoy you.

Maybe try, in addition to what Louise said, giving her a warm bath prior to bed to help relax the muscles.

Don't add any stress or pressure to her over this or it will make things worse

Louise - posted on 10/23/2011




This is because she has what is known as a shy bowel which stops her from doing this in the day. The best way to cure this is to add more roughage to her diet that will encourage her to go. Let her eat 50/50 bread half white half brown, add plenty of juicey fruit like oranges and make sure she is drinking plenty of water. If this does not work then it may be worth taking her to the doctor to get some lactose which is a mild laxative. Your body only allows her to go at night because she is stopping it in the day. You need to break this cycle and encourage her to do it in the day. Praise her if she does and once she knows it is ok to do so then you have cracked it!


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