My daughter is behind in school, acting up and out of control

Jennifer - posted on 12/16/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, so first I want to say that I am new here. I have read some responses before but this is the first time I have signed up and posted.
Any advice, help, or techniques anyone has used before would be greatly appreciated here. See, my 12 y/o daughter is out of control. She has fallen drastically behind in school (6th grade and possibly at a 5th grade level) and misbehaves constantly. She basically does whatever she wants. She also goes through spurts of extreme anger/screaming for no reason or drastic crying for seemingly no reason. She is in counseling and because her brother is Bipolar she has been tested and found to not be.
I will be the first to admit that her behavior is my fault. I am a single mother with two children, I have spent the majority of their lives working crap night and weekend jobs and trying to be around as much as possible, but barely able. My son is a handful and requires extra time and extra help with everything because of his disorder, so it is clear at times she has felt like I do not have enough time for her. I am sure I have given in and let her slack at home as a feeling of guilt in the past and now I am paying for it. I work an 8-5 job now (thank God) and am home evenings and weekends. I spend every spare moment with them, but feel it may be too little too late. I have tried her therapists suggestions as well as the school but nothing seems to be working. She doesn't do work at school or home. She fights at school (mostly with her bullies) and with her brother at home. She throws a fit whenever I ask her to do anything and if I discipline her, take something away, time out, etc., she screams about how I don't love her, I suck, she hates me, etc. I am drastically concerned about her schooling (she transfers next year to a school that will expel her if she continues this way). I am lost and need any ideas. Like I said, she is in counseling, but the 20 sessions a year my insurance covers is not making enough progress. Thanks in advance. :)

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