my daughter is dating and she is 15 1/2 is this normal ?

Shannon - posted on 09/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Growing up I always said that my daughter would not have a "boyfriend" until she was 16. Well she is 15 1/2 and has a boyfriend. They have liked eachother for about 5 months now but just became bf/gf about a week ago. The boy is almost 17 and they both go to the same Christian high school. I have met the parents and have had the boy over to our house. He is a very nice boy and treats my daughter very well. I guess I just question the fact that I went back on what I told myself I would not let happen. I was a teen Mom at 17 and married my HS sweetheart at 17 he is 4 years older than I am and we are celebrating 20 years of wedding bliss....and although my husband and I made it through what most teen parents dont, I will always have that fear for my this normal...LOL


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Dove - posted on 09/13/2012




Sounds normal to me. The dating age in my house is also 16. I can't 'see' myself budging on that one at all, but then... my oldest is not quite 11 yet. ;)

Since you became a mom early I'm assuming you've had plenty of sex ed talks w/ your daughter? I talk a lot w/ my kids about sex, stds, pregnancy, what's important in life (and it's NOT sex and boys..), etc...

If you want advice from a mom who's oldest is only a pre-teen.... keep the lines of communication open, help her to keep focused on what's been important in her life so far (church, school, any extra-curriculars, etc..) and to not lose sight of anything else just because a boy came into the picture as well. Trust that you have raised your daughter to make smart decisions with her life, but also keep an eye on the situation and not be afraid to 'pull back on the reins' a little if you fear she is getting TOO involved too quickly.

That's my inexperienced take on the subject, at least. ;)

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