My daughter is driving me insane

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My daughter is driving me insane. so much i am ready to send her a thousand miles away with her father...something i really dont want to do. She doesnt listen, kicks, screams, hits walls. if i try to put her in time out... she refuses and will follow me or go where ever she wants in the house, but will refuse to be put in time out. she back talks like crazy. ive tried all that i know to get her to listen and be good.... nothing works, wether im nice, mean, quiet, or loud. Also my daughter was fully potty trained at 2, and now aa few month over 3 she pees in her pants atleast once a day or


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All this is attention seeking. Try and structure her day more so that she knows what she is going to do and when. Meal times at the same time and bed routine every night. If you are a working mum set aside time for her to tell you about her day and do things together where she gets 100% of your attention. If you are a stay at home mum set aside one hour in the morning and afternoon where you play games together and sing or do something for just the two of you. Do not answer the phone if it rings in this time, this is 100% of her time. If this does not improve things then make her room safe and make that time out place. Warn her first that she is not behaving appropriately and then place her in time out. Hold the door closed for three minutes if you have to. Then talk to her about what she did wrong and always end the conversation with a cuddle. At first she will be in her bedroom alot whilst she learns the rules of time out, but you should see some improvement within 4 days.

Always talk to your daughter on her level and never stood over her. Reward the good and let some of the bad stuff go. So choose your battles carefully. As for the wet pants thing this is quite common, just clean her up and carry on what you are doing no fuss. She will stop on her own eventually. If it has been going on a while then make an appointment at the doctors as it is possible she has a water infection. Hope this helps!


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I'm not trying to be funny or insulting here, but have you considered taking her to a child psychologist. I have a friend who took her little girl to one as she was at her wits end with her girl's behaviour and it has helped her no end. If there has been any sort of change or upheaval (sp?) in her life it can have a huge effect on her behaviour. I wish I could be more helpful.

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