My daughter is four years old now, I am having another baby in a few months an wondering how she will react when the baby gets here she understands that I am having another baby but just wondering how she will adapt to it.


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Amy - posted on 07/15/2012




Every child is different, some kids are fine with it, others regress and act out. My daughter was born a month after my son turned 4 and other than my daughter waking him with her crying in the middle of the night he was fine. Of course we made sure that my son was very involved durning my pregnancy. My husband and my son were at almost every doctors appointment and ultrasound, my doctor even let him help raise and lower the bed. My son picked out the bedding for his new sisters room and helped pick out what color we were going to paint it. My son is the one who actually chose his sisters name because he didn't like what my husband and I wanted to call her so we went through the names in a baby name book.

After my daughter was born my husband and I spent time with my son individually one on one so he didn't feel like he was missing anything. We also kept him involved by helping pick out what the baby was going to wear. Friends and family were great because they always acknowledged him before paying attention to the baby, and if they brought something for the baby they brought something for him too. Just be patient and remember it can go either way.

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