my daughter is haveing a hard time in kindergarten she crys all day at school

Gigi - posted on 12/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




valeria did not cry the first 3 weeks of school after that she crys everyday.They have put her in the bathroom ,iss, now she was sent home today.I have tried everything i know to do.The teacher seems angry says i make excusses for her i only suggest they try different things to make her happy i am so tired of this i feel bad for her me and the teacher


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If she didn't cry at the beginning..Have you thought of someone did something to her? Why have they put her in the bathroom? That dont sound very nice.. I can see if she would be sick and was going to throw up..but putting her in the bathroom dont sound right. The teacher seems angry? A teacher has no right of being angry.. Is the teacher afraid of something coming out in open that should not have happened? If you are taking your child home and the teacher gets angry and says you are making excusses.. That teacher shouldnt be a teacher and something is wrong there. Does your daughter calm down when she gets home? Have you talked to her and maybe start talking about a subject and then she gets jumpy? If so, she could have been mistreated or something just isnt right. There has been alot of children being bullied, attached, and even malested in schools. I would get to the bottom of it before I would even send her back.. If she keeps on this.. then you may want to think about homeschooling.

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